Friday, December 31, 2010

Coolest crafting tool EVER!

The Silhouette Craft Cutting Machine doesn't use expensive dies and doesn't limit you to just paper or vinyl stickers... it uses your computer and softwares to cut fabrics, temporary tattoos and iron ons too! And it can draw with sketch pens, instead of blades, and add rhinestones to things. And you're not limited to the software available on their site either! You can use your own clipart and any font in your computer. For a chance to win one, here's a link...


Secret Mommy said...

I keep seeing these being reviewed and it's working...because now I feel as if I cannot live without one! LOL! :) Thanks for the giveaway link! And thank you for visiting my blog. :) So nice to find other mamas who share so many ideas/opinions/etc.

Anjii said...

Unfortunately, I didn't win this one, but when I posted the link on FB, a friend offered me her older model, which she wasn't using anymore for free... it is AMAZING!!!! LOVE this thing :)

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